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        • Product name: single-side combined heatsink
        • Product number: single-side combined heatsink
        • Time on shelves: 2019-08-05
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        Product details and advantages
        Our new design "single-side combined heatsink", it has the following advantages
        1. This "single-side combined heatsink" can process any size;
        2., fin pitch and fin height can be produced any size based on the wind pressure situation.
        3. fin is taper, maximized the heat dissipation effect.
        4.the heat dissipation power is more than 20% than extrusion profile, 10%  higher than bonded fin and the skived fin heatsink in the same unit volume.
        5. The heat dissipation efficience is large in unit volume, and the cost is moderate, which is lower than some similar products such as skived fin;
        6, it can solve the heat dissipation problem of high-power components and guarantee the performance of the whole machine.
        Product application: Apply to SVG, APF, the inverter, the new energy (charging equipment), new energy (vehicle), power (induction heating power supply, plating power supply, emergency power rectifier, inverter power supply, switching power supply, military power, laser power supply, etc.), welding equipment, radio communications, instrumentation, control cabinet, dynamometer, soft start, LED, electronics, aerospace and military industry, railway, etc.

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