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There are two kinds of heat sinks for electric vehicle, on is air-cooling and the other is water-cooling. They must be water-proof according to the using environment of vehicle. Therefore, our design combined heat sink with car components to avoid water in electric circuits and simplified the installation. When it comes to wind-cooling it can use natural wind and forced air cooling.


Forced air cooling heat sink should design the shape and location of circuits based on the power of whole vehicle and the electric circuits.


Water-cooling heat sink should design shape, speed of liquid, flow of liquid and flow resistance based on the power of whole vehicle and the electric circuits. That will affect the heat sink dissipating power a lot. The location of input, output and water tap should meet the requirements of whole electric vehicle.



This series all customized based on customers power requirements. No stock.




Notice:All of the dimensions in the brochure are reference dimensions,not final dimensions!

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