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  • aluminum extrusion heat sink
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  • aluminum profile heat sink

The definition of heat sink



  Terminal equipment for home heating heat general urban concentrated heating, district self built boiler room, household Bigua Lu, through heat conduction, radiation and convection heat dissipation, let the room temperature has been improved. Steel radiator, aluminum radiator, copper radiator, stainless steel radiator, copper and aluminum composite radiator, and the original cast iron radiators.

  Selection of heating radiator

  With the change of the modern home life style, the radiator heating has been recognized by the majority of household heating. Radiator heating is not only efficient and comfortable, but also very consistent with the modern life and work habits, so more and more people began to choose the radiator heating. In order to achieve a better heating effect, the radiator should consider a number of factors, it should be considered from a number of aspects of the quality of the radiator.

  Radiator choice: the choice of a letter to the heating company

  Select trustworthy consumer satisfied after-sales service or the home platform, the company through experience a one-stop marketing mode will be the radiator price transparency, will purchase mode to transfer to the customer experience, more real and more worry more assured.

  Radiator choice two: radiator safety performance is the most important

  Safety performance merits involves many factors, of which the working pressure of the radiator is very important a, many domestic and foreign radiator are bar as a unit, the majority of work pressure were 10bar 1bar can withstand considerable to 10m water column pressure, 10bar m water column pressure, for the majority of users 10bar or above the radiator should is a reasonable choice.

  Radiator choice three: goods than three

  To goods than three, on the same style, the same brand of goods, from the quality, price, service and other aspects of the comprehensive consideration,

  Radiator choice four: type selection

  The selection itself should be aware of and temperature, room temperature, room heat load, sill high and wide, their own heating system is the octopus system and double pipe system and other factors. This means that the heat dissipation capacity to and room heat load is to meet our own warmth requirement. Therefore, according to the corresponding models obtained the thermal load value corresponding businessmen selection table that identified radiator.

  Radiator choice five: style selection

  Is the choice of plate type or column type radiator. For the small size of the space, such as bathrooms, select the column type radiator. Because of the wall hanging, indoor space saving; horizontal column can be hung on the small pieces of clothing and towels or baking; for larger rooms, it is recommended that buy higher column radiator.

  Radiator choice six: see manufacturers

  Whether the manufacturer has many years of heating equipment production experience, the product is in line with the national standards.

  Radiator choice seven: look after the sale service

  Whether it can provide a good after-sales service, there is no professional plumbing measurement installation team.

  Radiator choice eight: the concept should be correct

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