Warmly celebrate the steady growth of orders and significant boost of performance from January to April in 2017.



Warmly celebrate the steady growth of orders and significant boost of performance from January to April in 2017.


According to data, the total amount of our finished goods year-on-year growth increased 20%, the ring growth grew is 15% in April 2017. , the total order year-on-year growth increased by 21.80% from January to April 2017 .The main reasons are as follows:


1.The company's previous business layouts continuously contributed to the business growth, bring stable growth of orders which increase the sales revenue.

Our company set up offices in other provinces, which enhanced the service of old customers while promoting the development of new customers. At the same time we set up oversea sales department which sell our products to foreign countries directly.


       2.Benefit from the Improve of product quality and delivery in time rate. We breakthrough our productivity bottleneck .

       Customers especially the leading manufacturer industry customers have higher demand for product quality and delivery of heat sink while the technical development of the equipment manufacturing industry. We further optimized our management and equipment allocation which makes the poor quality rate dropped from 8‰ to 3‱ , delivery reached rate increased from 80% to 112.8% based on the original good quality and timely delivery. That wine favorable comments from our customers and orders keep growing from regular customers.


     3.Benefit from the breakthrough of new products and new processes, performance expected to grow continuously.

     By breaking through new process and new products technology such as heat pipe heat sink, we improved the performance of our heat sinks. Which gained quick recognition of customers. formed the new growth points for our company and performance expected to grow continuously.


《The order amount of finished goods in April.2017》


《The order amount of finished goods from January to April.2017》


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