Warmly celebrate the company’s quality control reaching new heigths in last 3 months




Warmly celebrate  the company’s quality control reaching new heigths in last 3 months


《Internal qualified rate at first time》




《Products ex factory pass rate》



   In order to further strengthen management foundationFirmly establish the concept of "quality supremacy"Carry forward the business philosophy of "Survive with quality, Effectiveness with security, Develop with science and technology". Since 2015, the company has taken a series of reform measures such as "strengthen process control and supervision”"Strengthen the standard operating of procedure" “full implementation of Self and mutual inspection,"Strengthen the total employee quality propagandize and operation skills training ","Implement a piece-rate system based on skill level and quality. level""Strengthen quality management concept learning in management team ""build a learning management team”. Making the average ex factory pass rate has soared from 99.18% 2015(annual average) to 99.97% in the first quarter of 2017, the internal finished product qualified rate at first time soared from 87.5% 2015(annual average) to 99.97% in the first quarter of 2017. The company internal quality (qualified rate at first time) and the external quality (ex factory pass rate) all gained obivious growth. And the decline of the periodic data range shows that the quality stability is ensured even when the production task is busy.


  The promotion of our product quality has been praised by many customers. Brings a steady increase in orders which is up from 30% year-over year revenue in the first quarter of 2017. All this shows that the company's brand plays a more important role in the market,It's also indicate that the company will go further on the way of improving product quality, increasing customer satisfaction and promoting further development of company brand.

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