Chengdu Xihe Heatsink Factory was built in the mid-1980s,  it has 34 years profession experience till now, with the construction area of more than 10,000 square meters, specialized in manufacturing aluminum Heat Sink for power semiconductor device, undertaking all kinds of aluminum heatsink` design, production and sales.

  For a long time, Xihe Heatsink people always regard "Survive with quality, Effectiveness with security, Develop with science and technology" as principles of running factory, regard the sprit of "Dare to be climbing, always create the first" as motivation, has created many miracles one by one in the relevant counterparts and played an important role for the using of Chinese electronic industry power components.


   Our factory uses brand “Dongxia” as our registered trademark,which is ISO9001:2008SGS and ROHS certificacted. The exiting products range including air cooling ,natural cooling, water cooling, heat pipe, SCR heat sink,etc.special series of heat sink and heatsink accessories. Material is aluminum alloy 6063.


         Application range : SVG, APF, inverter, frequency converter, new energy (charging equipment), new energy (vehicles), power supply (induction heating power supply, electroplating power supply, emergency power rectifier, inverter power supply, switching power supply, military power , Laser power supply, etc.), welding equipment, broadcast communication, instrumentation, control cabinets, power regulator, soft start, LED, electronics, military, railways, aerospace and other fields.


   At present, from mold-designing, mold-making, profiles-extruding, CNC Machining, testing thermal resistance, thermal simulation, optimizing the design of power dissipation, oxidation to finished heat sink, all solely completed by our factory, thereby greatly reducing the supply cycle and improving product quality to meet the users` demand better.

   Due to the development of business, in order to meet the market demand, we established Chengdu Donghao Heatsink Co.,Ltd In July 2014. Hope to service for our customers better.